Until We Meet Again

Remembering the lives that touched camp and so much more. 

Andy Latta 

Ruthann Felmore

Ruthanne Elmore joined YES Camp in 2000 as the Jr. Camp Worship Leader & a CD.  Ruthanne improved the Jr. Camp program into a format we still use today. 
She was a wonderful Christian lady who loved kids & YES Camp so much that she became a member of the board & the Jr. Camp Director for the next 4 years.
2004 was Ruthanne's last year at YES Camp.   She stoicly & with grace & faith informed the board that her skin cancer had returned & she could not be a part of the 2005 YES Camp or remain on the board while she was being treated for her cancer.
We lost Ruthanne in 2006 but through everything she endured in the next 2 years, good or bad, she had strong faith & to anyone who asked how she was doing she'd say "I am Blessed".
She was a remarkable woman & YES Camp was Blessed to have her when we did.

Memorial written by Debbie Lukich

The summer of 2001 became one that would remain a special moment in the history of Y.E.S. Camp. Just like all the years since its creation young men and women would climb the mountain to Laurel Hill State Park to experience a week of camping in the woods. This particular year one young man stood out amongst the rest. At first it could have been his unique hair style, anyone that knew him knew that he frequently changed the color of his hair. But there was more to him than that. Andrew Latta who was 10 years old this particular year of camp had an amazingly outgoing personality. Ask anyone who was there that year and they will remember Andy and the time they spent there with him. His kindness and generosity was endless. Andy, who made friends with pretty much anyone he met also made another friend that year before the week was over and that friend was Jesus. At one of our services at camp Andy accepted Jesus into his life as his Lord and Savior. The sad part of this story is that a few months later Andy was walking on a road near his home with two other friends when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver. The loss was felt deeply by many in the community including Y.E.S. Camp. Since this tragic event Y.E.S. Camp has setup a scholarship program in Andy’s name that sends kids to camp that are unable to do so on their own accord, to date it is estimated that approximately 500 children have been able to attend camp through this program. Y.E.S. Camp has also paid tribute to Andy by remembering him on several years of our camp T-Shirts that everyone gets. Although we can never fully thank Andy for coming to our camp and changing our lives we will always dedicate a specific time at camp every year to remember him. His memory will always live on through his family, friends, and Y.E.S. Camp. Thank you for everything Andy.

Memorial written by Christopher Lukich