Policies and Procedures

Y.E.S. Camp maintains a limited fund for providing scholarships, however we strive to make sure all campers have an opportunity to attend camp. To apply for a scholarship please us our scholarship application found in the application package, or contact Debbie Lukich at (724) 239-3468 or (724) 747-9415. Scholarships are awarded based on need and availability. Partial scholarships may be offered. Only 1 scholarship per household please.

We cannot refund Camper Registration fees after Friday July 5th, 2019. Snack Bar Money is 100% refundable at all times.

There is limited to no cell phone reception on the campground. Noting that, campers are advised not to bring their cell phones or any electronic devices to camp. If your camper brings his/her phone, he/she is prohibited use of cell phones outside of the cabin. We will have an engaging schedule throughout the week, and little time will be spent inside of the cabins. Cabin directors will have an alarm set to wake up the campers. If your camper wishes to bring their phone for music to sleep at night, it is their responsibility. Y.E.S. Camp is not responsible for any lost or stolen items brought to camp.

Snack bar is open to campers for snacks and refreshments between lunch and dinner, as well as 2 hours after chapel service, throughout the week.  Snack bar offers soda, water, slushies, candies, chips and other snacking items in the afternoon.  After chapel time, there is the same candy, & drink selection as well as hot foods menu that includes nachos, pizza, soft pretzels and a different specialty item each night.  Please note!  For the first time starting this year registration DOES cover snack bar money!  In an effort to streamline some processes we put the snack bar deposit into the registration to make one flat rate.  You are more than welcome to deposit more should you so choose.

All medicine your camper will be taking throughout camp MUST be given to the nurse upon registration. The camp nurse will have several basic medications on hand including but not limited to: Benadryl, allergy medicine, Tums, Tylenol, Motrin, insect repellent, and Band-Aids. Noting that, please plan accordingly with your camper’s medicinal needs. If you do decide to bring over-the-counter medicines, they must have your child’s name on them! All medicines will be kept in the Nurse’s cabin throughout the week; the nurse will be delivering medicines at the allotted time. Please do not send in unmarked medications. All medicines, even over the counters that you may choose to send, must have your child’s name on them. Inhalers need your child’s name on them, but may be kept by your child throughout the week if deemed necessary by the parent/guardian. The camp nurse this year is an RN with 9+ years of pediatric experience.

We will try to accommodate each camper and allow them to room with their friends. Please help us do that by telling us who you want to room with. If no request is made, all cabin assignments will be made at YES Camp’s own discretion. Cabin change requests made at check-in will be considered but not guaranteed until noon on the next day.

We want to ensure that all of our campers can enjoy and experience camp to the fullest extent.  In order to do this, we discourage family or friends to visit during the camp week. However, if you choose to, visiting time is from 12pm-9pm daily.
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