​Don't just take our word for it; read through testimonials from past and current campers, staff, and parents.
  1. YES Camp changed my life; there's nothing like it.
    Petyon Trollinger - 7 years - Camper
  2. You can edit text on yI have been blessed to be able to watch my kids grow through the love & faith that YES Camp gives. I look forward to YES Camp every year, it's the hardest week I work all year but it's also the most rewarding!! I love watching the kids bond together, become friends & learn about God
    Debbie Lukich - 19 years - Parent/Staff
  3. The laughter, fellowship, and the love you encounter and establish at camp is something that not only is a part of your life for that week, but stays in your heart year-round. It’s been a place for me to build a strong and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and doing so alongside of some of the greatest friends I could have asked God for. Whether you’re coming to camp with six people, or coming on your own, the amount of love we have to pour out is unbelievable… There is always going to be someone to connect with
    Bri Minnick - 7 years - Camper/Staff
  4. It’s not just a camp, but something I live by every day. It has been and is my journey of faith. It is my promise to work hard to make YES Camp a great experience with every camper to come and it is my goal to remain a part of this ministry for a long time to come
    Cliff Mitchell - 33 Years - Camper/Staff/Parent
  5. You need to experience it yourself! As a child, it was a safe place to make new friends, create great memories, and learn about God. You learn what matters is God, who is listening and guiding you in the right direction. Now as a mother and the JR Camp Director, I teach our youth the same thing I was taught because it made me who I am today!
    Nichole Combs - 19 years - Camper/Staff
  6. Every staff member gains a week, if not more, from camp. We are not compensated, but we get “paid” a different way. Meeting kids who come from broken homes, bad relationships, not knowing Christ; then seeing the transformation. Better than any monetary payment. YES Camp molded me into the person I am today
    Sara Hartzell - 10 years - Camper/Staff
  7. The best was I can describe it is it's a home away from home. We come together and share a bond that will cannot be broken. We are family, and it grows better every year.” ur website. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear.
    Maggie Sukel - 6 years - Camper/Staff
  8. For me to put an adjective to how moved my soul is every year when I witness hundreds of campers making the choice to devote a week of their summer to learning about the lord is nearly impossible. Yes Camp is the safest place to go and lay your worries down at the sign in table. Yes camp is the place to investigate your questions, to find sanctity in knowing you're never alone, and that God has his hand on your back. Yes camp is the place to find friends that you can turn to for the rest of your life no matter what. Yes Camp turned my whole life around and I can honestly say I wouldn't be the woman I am today without it in my life. I was saved at YES Camp. And I promise I will commit every summer I physically can to helping others in their walk with faith.
    Jenna Pershin - 14 years - Camper/Staff