Tag Day @ Giant Eagle

Tag Day @ Giant Eagle

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Y.E.S. Camp Staff


  1. TAG DAY: Hopewell
    31 Mar, 2018
    TAG DAY: Hopewell
    Thanks to everyone who helped at our tag day at the Walmart out in Hopewell, and a special thanks to camper Jordan Pershin for manning the tables!
  2. Tag Day
    11 Feb, 2018
    Tag Day
    OUR FIRST TAG DAY OF THE YEAR! Thanks to all who helped down at Giant Eagle today. Excited for camp this year!
  3. Y.E.S. Camp Summit
    27 Aug, 2017
    Y.E.S. Camp Summit
    Awesome recap of this year's camp!
  4. Somerset Walmart Bake Sale
    24 Jun, 2017
    Somerset Walmart Bake Sale
    What an awesome fundraiser at Walmart! Thanks to Jamie, Riley, and Eric for coming out to help! ​  Keep up with us on social media to help out with the next fundraiser.
  5. Pre-Camp Picnic
    10 Jun, 2017
    Pre-Camp Picnic
    What an amazing afternoon!  Thanks to Leya Mitchell and her family for allowing us to use their farm and lake for our picnic! It was a blast! Our pre-camp picnic is a celebration of : The previous off-season The upcoming camp year The bond between campers, staff, and God!  Keep up with us on social media to join in on the next camp event.
  6. Pike Days 2017
    20 May, 2017
    Pike Days 2017
    Pike Days was a success this year! Thanks to Laci, Bri, and the staff that came out this year to help sell the baked goods. And another special thank you to Shellie, Jamie, Rachel, and Debbie for their hard work and delicious baked goods! Pike Days is an annual celebration held on Route 40 celebrating "The Road That Built The Nation." We celebrated this year in Scenery Hill, a pit stop that is full of music, food, yard sales, and more!   Keep up with us on social media to help out with the
  7. Tag Day @ Bentleyville Giant Eagle
    13 May, 2017
    Tag Day @ Bentleyville Giant Eagle
    What an awesome tag day at Giant Eagle in Bentleyville! We raised $340.50 for camp this year!  Thanks to Bri, Sydney, Peyton, Kylee, and the staff members that aided in the fundraiser today! Why do we do fundraisers? Y.E.S. Camp is a non-profit camp, which means the staff that are there are all volunteers and Y.E.S. Camp as an organization does not make any money from the fundraisers held in the off season. Money raised goes into buying rec supplies, food, and other costs that all aid in